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Testimonials/Clients Feedback

Responses from clients who received services from our Specialist!!!  

    • Fantastic!!!
    • Great massage therapist
    • Massage was amazing! The massage therapist was the best ever!
    • We found her to be excellent. She was warm, friendly, personable and professional.
    • Great massage.
    • Pure pleasure. I'll go back again as often as I can
    • Heavy hand :)
    • Best Massage I have ever had
    • This is my favorite place to visit.
    • Best spa treatment you'll find in Las Vegas!!
    • "GREEAAATTTT. I asked my boss for a raise just so I can come back more often...Love her"
    • "Loved It...Was one of the best and relaxed massage I've gotten. Hope there are more deals coming soon from Ebony Spa :)"
    • "She was wonderfully friendly and very good at her job"
    • "if you want to be pampered and have fresh and rejuvenated skin, this is the place! "
    • "awesome!"
    • "Awesome massage!"
    • "It is a beautiful and awesome place. .I would recommend it to friends and family. "
    • "Great venue and great massage!!!!"
    • "Wonderful person,"
    • "Awesome massage!"
    • "amazing. She makes you feel very comfortable and has fun while still remaining professional.
    • "Loved it!"
    • "wonderful!"
    • "Absolutely the best massage I have ever had!!!"
    • "Great massage. Took good care of me."
    • "Great day. "
    • "great facial"
    • "Very nice lady, she did a wonderful job"
    • "The best service I have ever had. Very attentive and excellent job."  
    • "loved it will definitely return"
    • "fabulous and I felt so much better after having been treated by her with my massage than ever before! Excellent job ..
    • "LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!"
    • "just the best"
    • "Great job"
    • "lovely space and very caring massage therapist
    • "awesome, wish I can afford it weekly!!!"

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