Ebony Mobile Massage of Las Vegas

Love What I Do. Will Always Give You My Best!!

Hair Removal (not yet available for mobile services)



Eyebrows (Eyebrow Tint)                                                $18.00

Lip, Chin and Cheeks                                                        $12.00 each

Face(full)                                                                            $55.00     

Underarms                                                                         $25.00

Half Arms                                                                            $30.00

Full Arm                                                                               $40.00

Back or Chest                                                                    $50.00

Shoulder or Stomach                                                       $20.00 each

Half Leg                                                                                $25.00

Full Leg                                                                                 $40.00

Bikini                                                                                     $35.00

Brazilian Bikini                                                                   $65.00