Ebony Mobile Massage of Las Vegas

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Body Treatments (50min Massage Included)


Mango Body Scrub (50 min massage included)     80 min   $80.00

This product will moisturize and soften skin without being greasy. Organic cane sugar and salt grains gently exfoliate skin. Organic soy oil, rich in essential fatty acids, helps repair skin cell moisture barrier for smooth, supple skin. Best for dry skin in the dry Vegas Valley.

Cranberry Soufle Body Scrub:                           80 min                        $80.00

The ultimate sugar fix. Exfoliating crystals mingle with Pomegranate Oil, Cranberry Seed, and Shea Butter to gently polish and condition your skin. Leaving it feeling healthy, smooth and beautifully glowing. It’s the sweetest kind of clean!

Carrot Body Butter Lotion Massage:       80min          $80.00

Our rich, creamy lotion massaged all over your delicate, hungry skin. This product is light and refreshing scent filling the air around you. Our delectable Body Butter Lotion indulges your skin with a nourishing, rivitalizing and long-lasting moisture treatment that will leave your skin feeling smooth, soft and hydrated - and you feeling amazing, naturally.*

Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub:          80 min              $80.00

The Pumpkin Spice Moisture Scrub protects and nourishes skin cells in several ways:  

  • Restores the skin’s water-lipid layer while increaseing the amount of nutrients and oxygen in skin cells;  
  • Neutralizes free radicals; 
  • Protects connective tissue.  

Great for the Fall season.  European 24K Gold Body Butter Treatment:                        $90.00

100% organic! This precious fruit de-aging salt scrub and body wrap experience is applied in three steps. The skin emerges exfoliated and nourished. Healthy, Refreshed, and Smooth to the touch.  Skin cells tighten, become firmer and vividly brighter.

Pomergranate and Avocado Body Scrub:   $80.00

A light, creamy scrub that helps remove dull and dead skin cells, leaving skin looking brighter and feeling soft. Glycerin & Organic Avocado Oil condition and moisturise the skin leaving it soft and smooth and Almond Oil helps lock in moisture. Apricot Seed and Walnut Shell gently remove dead skin cells while antioxidant Pomegranate helps protect the skin.

Champagne & Rose Pedal Body Scrub:     80min       $80.00

A delicious fragrant scrub inspired by the fruit of the vine.  The scrub utilizes grape derived enzymes along with fruit acids designed to gently remove kertanized dead skin cells and calluses.  The enzyme removes the top layers of skin leaving a younger smoother skin with uniform pigmentation.  Excellent Mothers Day Gift!!!

Citrus Suds Body Treatment:                                     80min              $80.00

Includes a full citrus beer scrub, scalp massage, hair treatment that utilizes a beer extract, six-pack beer bath and an application of citrus lotion. Beer yeast is rich in elements that increase skin elasticity, improves acne by suppressing sebum and has been shown to have antibacterial properties.

Radiant Back Treatment:                                   45 min                        $50.00

Cleansing, exfoliation and massaging of the back.   This treatment is designed to deeply exfoliate and remove impurities revealing healthy radiant skin.   It was created to specifically target problem skin.

 Full Body Scrub, Glow and Polish:  (Seasonal)      90 min to 2hrs        $100.00

An excellent treatment from dry and dull skin to youthful and radiant skin.  All scrubs, wraps and glows contain nutrient-rich products.  Formulated with luxurious oils; omega oils and botanical extracts which help heal, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin.  (Check out our Special of the Month).

 Out of Your Mind Total Body Experience:       90 min to 2hrs TBD

Custom Designed especially for you:  Full body service that includes cleansing, exfoliating, hydrating and massaging....from head to toe.   Our Massage Experts will consult with you to determine what custom treatment we can design for you.   

 Reflexology: (foot massage)                                                    45 min                        $50.00

Hand and feet massage.   This is a wonderful treat for tired hands and feet. This wonderful treatment targets pressure points to release tension.  Good solution to promote soft and supple skin to the touch.